You were born with a birthright of abundant joy, health and power. In order to access it, you must become aligned with the authentic self that you wanted to be before you incarnated. It is a simple process, but not easy. You can do it. That's why you are here, after all.

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Looking to connect with your soul family? In our locals community, we offer loving space where you can explore ideas around soul evolution in an environment that is not afraid to dive into all topics with the awareness that everything in the Universe is God and as such, nothing is here to harm us, only to bring us closer to the truth of who we all are.

We know that the world we see outside is solely created by the world we have cultivated within. We grow mastery in our creation by exploring the spiritual canon: avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Krisha; great contemporary teachers like Abraham Hicks, David Hawkins, Joe Dispenza and Neville Goddard. We offer weekly group breathwork and live zoom chats to raise our vibration as we joyfully ascend.

Our most powerful exploration will of course be a systematic, experiential self-exploration.

As explorers we are gentle with ourselves as we notice that the most likely answer to any of our queries will never be more definitive than "I don't know."

Sally's Experience

Before Jean and I started working together, I felt stuck — spiritually, and in other ways. I had been at a standstill for a year or more. I was using the resources that I knew to use: yoga, meditation… They just weren't enough for what I needed.

I needed to process some of my issues related to motherhood and to my own childhood. In the moments where things weren't going right with my child, I did not like myself. Even though it didn't feel loving not to like myself, it was still my initial reaction. It was a default pattern really, like I wasn't in control. It was scary for me to see myself behaving in a way that felt different from how I normally am. I didn't know how to break that pattern, I just knew it was there. Let me illustrate:

One afternoon, my seven-year-old daughter was carrying some hot sauce and she dropped it, spilling it on just about every surface – it was one of those moments that was almost in slow motion. I didn't see it in that moment as hot sauce that can be easily cleaned up. I was just so blaming and irrational. When my daughter said to me, “Mommy, do you really think I'm clumsy? I'm trying to pay attention.” It just made it so clear that I did not want to be that kind of mom. I wanted to change. And I wanted to know where those reactions were coming from.

There were several areas that challenged me: my finances were at a standstill – I never felt there was enough time, and that I was always out of time. And I was in a consistent theme of stress — it's been ongoing in my family, through the generations, almost like a family tradition. I knew from a young age that the stressor only needs to be in the perception of the stressed person – it doesn't have to be real! I wanted to have a greater understanding so that I wouldn't be that way when I got older.

Jean's guidance and structure gave me an accountability that allowed me to dig into these issues. The reflective counseling, the journaling, learning more about meditation and how it all works together… I started to see how my life was revealing myself to me. Jean helped me take my meditation practice to a “whenever I thought about it” style to a daily practice that really supports me. That was a big change for me, and that is how, I think, I started to notice so many changes in my life.

It's easier to get and stay in the present moment, which feels so great. My awareness expanded and suddenly I had a different and more helpful perspective on my own life. I'll say it another way – I really felt like a “bad person” a lot of the time, and now I'm able to see what a situation in my life is actually trying to show me, instead of automatically judging myself. I can now see each moment for the loving awareness it is meant to contain, instead of just one more reason to build a case against myself.

I learned how to change my frequency (which directly relates to my happiness) for a better life. I live more in the awareness of who I really am. I realized that I have a choice and that I have the power in my life so much more. My intuition has opened up – I am able to follow inner guidance (even when it seems counterintuitive) and the world has opened up for me. By trusting my heart, relationships are expressing love to me like never before. I'm seeing more evidence of the divine every day.

And now, the breath work… The breath work allowed me to connect to the Divine in a sustained, repeatable way. You get there and stay there. My mind would sometimes resist in the beginning, particularly on a Saturday morning when I felt like sleeping in — I'm so proud of myself for overcoming that mind talk! The first five minutes can be hard, but then, all these amazing aha moments of guidance and visions. And I never feel attached to those experiences – I just feel grateful to receive the perfect guidance that gives me loving support. I experienced healing energy in parts of my body where I was holding trauma. And every time is a different, standalone experience.

This program is for you if you are stuck – Jean is an amazing, loving coach and support system. I must emphasize the power of the support that she provides. I never felt judged. I just felt loving support. And that kind of support allows you to do the work you know you need to do. And I didn't even get to all the great side effects — letting go of unhealthy behaviors with ease and noticing emotional addictions disappear, as well.