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Manifestation through Emotional Alchemy

Your emotions hold the energy of your life’s purpose and deepest desires. Learn Emotional Alchemy to transmute suffering into joy with love.

Join us for a supernatural time tuning into and accessing the natural creative power we have over our lives.

We will embody practices that we will forever keep for building our mastery of surrender, peace and self trust.

We will learn practices for decoding our emotions so that they serve us rather than enslave us and create cycles of suffering.

We will learn to embrace and lovingly release resistance and gain access to our birthright of wealth, health and loving, supportive relationships.

The principles we will explore are simple. Their activation within us is not easy, but the path will be made clear so that you will know how. And you will cultivate enough inspiration within yourself that you will have the confidence to follow through. It’s time.

This is a breathwork and primordial sound experience. It is ideal to practice on an empty or very lightly-satiated system. Coffee or tea is fine ahead of the class or a little bit of light fruit or toast or something.


9-12 noon (at the yurt)

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